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A gate trophy
A gate trophy from Lurker at the Threshold

A gate trophy is a gate marker earned by players for closing or sealing gates. When a player successfully closes a gate, they take the gate marker as a trophy and keep it with the rest of their tokens, cards, and other items. Gate trophies can be traded at certain locations in exchange for special items or events. For example - the Science Building allows investigators to exchange gate trophies for clue tokens.

Spent gate trophies are returned face down to the bottom of the pile of unused gate markers.

The Close the Gates victory condition requires the players to have at least as many unspent gate trophies as there are players; the trophy from the last gate closed counts.

The player with the most gate trophies after a victory is the First Citizen of Arkham.

Each unspent gate trophy adds one when using the optional victory scoring rule.

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