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Blessing is a special card that investigators take when they become Blessed. It first appeared in the Arkham Horror board game.

Card info

Upkeep: Roll a die and discard this card on a 1.

When rolling dice, you score successes on a 4, 5, or 6. If you are Cursed, discard this card instead of gaining a Curse card.

Ways to become Blessed

An investigator can gain a blessing via:

  • Spending 5 toughness worth of monster trophies or 1 gate trophy at South Church to have any investigator you choose be Blessed.
  • Each investigator can try a Luck (-1) test to earn a blessing when the All Quiet in Arkham! mythos card is drawn.
  • Sister Mary failing OR passing her personal story. She will also start the game with a Blessing.
  • Rex Murphy passing his personal story.
  • Carolyn Fern passing her personal story.
  • Casting the Bless Spell will allow an investigator to give a Blessing to any other Investigator.

Blessing Immunity

There are ways in which an investigator can be unable to be Blessed. While they can still discard a Curse by being Blessed, they cannot become Blessed.

An investigator can become unable to be blessed by:

  • Rex Murphy failing his personal story.
  • Diana Stanley failing her personal story.