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Brood tokens first appeared in the Kingsport Horror expansion. They are only used when Eihort is the Ancient One.


Gaining Brood Tokens

When Eihort is the Ancient One, each time an investigator defeats a Cultist, that investigator gains a brood token. Also, any investigator who seals a gate gains 1 brood token.

Dangers of Brood Tokens

Each time an investigator gains a brood token, roll a die. If the roll is lower than the number of brood tokens possessed by that investigator, he is devoured.

Devoured Investigators

Any brood tokens on an investigator who is devoured are immediately added to Eihort's doom track as doom tokens.

Brood Tokens in the Final Battle

Start of Battle: When Eihort awakens, each investigator gains one brood token.

Attack: The first player gains one brood token.