Clothing Drive

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Clothing Drive is a mythos card. It first appeared in the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion.

Card Information

Mythos Type: Environment (Urban)

Gate Opens: Graveyard

Clue Appears At: *Black Cave

Monster Movement
DiamondDiamond dimensional symbolSquareSquare dimensional symbol
CircleCircle dimensional symbol

Mythos Ability: While this card is in play, investigators without Exhibit Items must evade or fight a Mummy in each street location they enter. These Mummies have the same stats as Zombies except with a toughness of 2, and cannot be taken as trophies.

Flavor Text: Father Michael sends out a call for clothing. "Have you seen our streets? The homeless have been reduced to wearing rags and dirty strips!" In fact, the beings he has seen on the street are mummies, come to life and escaped from the visiting museum exhibit!