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Daoloth AO.jpg

Daoloth is an Ancient One. He first appeared as a free giveaway to attendees of Arkham Nights, October 22-24, 2010.

Sheet info

Combat rating: -4

Defenses: Special (See Attack)

Worshippers: The followers of Daoloth are astronomers that can see into both the past and the future. When Cultists move, they do not follow normal movement rules. Instead, they move to the nearest investigator in a street area or unstable location.

Power: The Render of Veils - While Daoloth stirs in his slumber, immediately after each monster surge, replace all open gates, one at a time. Do this by reshuffling the gate into the pile of gate markers and drawing a new one to take its place. Then, discard all explored markers. This is not treated as a new gate opening (no doom tokens are added to the doom track and no monsters are drawn). Investigators are not drawn through these gates until the Arkham Encounter phase.

Attack: Draw a Mythos Card. If the card instructs the players to place a gate in a location that does not have an elder sign on it, the first player is devoured. If the card instructs players to place a gate in a location that does have an elder sign on it, remove the elder sign from that location. If the Mythos Card does not instruct players to place a gate in a location, 1 token is placed back on Daoloth's doom track if it is not full.

Doom Track: 12

Mythos Source

Daoloth first appeared in The Render of the Veils (1964), written by Ramsey Campbell.