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Hypnos is a guardian. He first appeared in Kingsport Horror expansion.

Hypnos - Lord of Sleep

When Hypnos is the Guardian, shuffle the Visions of Hypnos deck and place it facedown near the board at the start of the game.

Visions of Hypnos

Young with the youth that is outside time, and with a beauteous bearded face; curved, smiling lips; Olympian brow; and dense locks, waving and poppy-crowned.

At the start of each Upkeep phase, the first player draws the top card of the Visions of Hypnos deck and places it faceup in front of him. The Visions of Hypnos card causes a Clue token to be placed on the board, then makes that location easier to explore until the end of the Mythos phase.

Lord of Dreams

Whenever an investigator has an Other World encounter in The Dreamlands, Plateau Of Leng, The Underworld, or Unknown Kadath, he gains a +1 bonus to all of his skills until the end of the encounter.