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When a player makes a Combat check against a monster and passes it, he normally takes the marker tile and keeps it as a trophy. This is not the case for monsters with the Endless ability, or any monster whose marker is returned to the box or monster cup for any reason. Some rules on cards or markers may cause markers not to be taken as trophies, or cause markers to becomes trophies despite some other effect.

The toughness of a trophy is shown by the number of red droplets on the center bottom of the combat side of the marker. It often takes five or ten toughness in monster trophies to trigger an effect. In these cases, five toughness in monster trophies usually equals one gate trophy. You cannot "make change" in toughness; any uneven amount over what is spent is lost. If an Environment card currently in play increases a particular monster's toughness, it also affects its value when being spent as a monster trophy. Spent trophies are returned to the monster cup.

Each individual marker is considered a trophy for such purposes as Tsathoggua's attack, Vincent Lee's Personal Story, or the tie breaker for First Citizen of Arkham; their toughness does not matter.

Each three toughness in unspent monster trophies adds plus one using the optional victory scoring system.