Other World Encounters phase

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The Other World Encounters Phase is the fourth phase of each turn.

During the Other World Encounters Phase, investigators in Other World spaces have encounters there.

The Other World spaces on the board are marked with circular icons of different colors. These colored circles are called encounter symbols. When an investigator has an Other World encounter, the player draws cards from the gate deck, one at a time, until he draws a card whose color matches one of these encounter symbols. Gate cards that do not match a color of the encounter symbols are placed face down on the bottom of the gate deck.

Once the player has drawn a gate card that matches an encounter symbol’s color, he examines it to see if there is a specific encounter for the Other World his investigator is currently in. If a specific encounter is listed, the player reads that entry aloud and performs any actions indicated by the card text. If there is no specific encounter listed, the player reads the “Other” entry aloud and performs any actions indicated by the card text.

The card text of an Other World encounter may result in a monster appearing, in which case the investigator must either evade the monster (see Evading Monsters) or fight it (see Combat). Monsters created by an Other World encounter do not remain on the board; once the combat or evasion is complete, if the monster is not taken as a trophy (or returned to the box if its combat instructions specify) then it is returned to the monster cup.

Once the encounter is resolved, the player discards the gate card face down to the bottom of the gate deck.

Once all investigators in Other Worlds have had their Other World encounter, this phase ends and play continues with the Mythos phase.