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Investigators explore the city, encountering places, people, and creatures both normal and mundane. Through these adventures, the investigators hope to gain the clues and resources needed to confront and ultimately thwart the mythos threat.

Early in the game, investigators seek to avoid more powerful monsters while moving around the city to gather weapons, spells, clues, and other items they will need.

Later, the investigators attempt to close a few gates and seal some of the most active gates.

Finally, once several gates have been sealed and the investigators have acquired valuable weapons, spells, clues, and allies, they make one last, desperate assault on the mythos, attempting to close or seal the final gates. Either they succeed and the world survives, or they fail and the Ancient One awakens for the climactic battle.

Be warned: If the Ancient One awakens, the investigators are in for the fight of their lives!

Investigator Characteristics

Each investigator has some unique combination of characteristics which may make them more or less effective in different roles. Due to their statistics and abilities, some investigators will have particular advantages in casting spells, others in physical combat against monsters, others in traveling through the Other Worlds or closing gates, and so on.


Each investigator starts with a certain maximum Sanity and Stamina rating.

Additionally, each investigator has a certain combination of 3 paired Skill value ratings (Speed/Sneak, Fight/Will, Lore/Luck) and a specific Focus value allowing him or her to change them during the Upkeep Phase.

Special Ability

Each investigator has a unique special ability or occasionally more than one, usually conceptually related to their occupation. This special ability gives the investigator a unique advantage of some kind, sometimes with a corresponding disadvantage.

Fixed Possessions

Each investigator starts with a certain list of possessions, including a specific amount of money, and sometimes specific Common items, Unique items, Spells or Clue tokens.

Random Possessions

Most investigators also receive a certain number of possessions, such as Common items, Unique items, Spells and Skills which are randomly drawn from their respective card decks.

List of Investigators

Investigator Occupation Home Sanity Stamina Focus Expansion
Agnes Baker Waitress Velma's Diner 5 5 2 6Innsmouth Horror
Akachi Onyele Shaman Ye Olde Magick Shoppe 7 3 1 6Innsmouth Horror
Amanda Sharpe Student Bank of Arkham 5 5 3
"Ashcan" Pete Drifter River Docks 4 6 1
Bob Jenkins Salesman General Store 4 6 1
Calvin Wright Damned Train Station 4 5 2 N/A
Carolyn Fern Psychologist Arkham Asylum 6 4 2
Charlie Kane Politician Administration Building 4 6 2 4Kingsport Horror
Daisy Walker Librarian Library 5 5 2 4Kingsport Horror
Darrell Simmons Photographer Newspaper 4 6 2
Dexter Drake Magician Ye Olde Magick Shoppe 5 5 2
Diana Stanley Redeemed Cultist General Store 4 6 1 2Dunwich Horror
Finn Edwards Bootlegger Bank of Arkham 4 6 1 6Innsmouth Horror
George Barnaby Lawyer Library 7 3 2 6Innsmouth Horror
Gloria Goldberg Author Velma's Diner 6 4 2
Hank Samson Farmhand General Store 5 6 2 6Innsmouth Horror
Harvey Walters Professor Administration Building 7 3 2
Jacqueline Fine Psychic Curiositie Shoppe 7 3 2 2Dunwich Horror
Jenny Barnes Dilettante Train Station 6 4 1
Jim Culver Musician Velma's Diner 6 4 2 2Dunwich Horror
Joe Diamond Private Eye Police Station 4 6 3
Kate Winthrop Scientist Science Building 6 4 1
Leo Anderson Expedition Leader River Docks 5 5 2 2Dunwich Horror
Lily Chen Martial Artist Ye Olde Magick Shoppe 4-7 7-4 2 4Kingsport Horror
Lola Hayes Actress Arkham Asylum 6 4 2 4Kingsport Horror
Luke Robinson Dreamer The Dreamlands 7 3 1 4Kingsport Horror
Mandy Thompson Researcher Library 5 5 2
Marie Lambeau Entertainer Ma's Boarding House 6 4 2 2Dunwich Horror
Mark Harrigan Soldier South Church 3 7 1 2Dunwich Horror
Michael McGlen Gangster Ma's Boarding House 3 7 1
Minh Thi Phan Secretary St. Mary's Hospital 6 4 2 6Innsmouth Horror
Monterey Jack Archeologist Curiositie Shoppe 3 7 2
Norman Withers Astronomer Administration Building 6 4 2 6Innsmouth Horror
Patrice Hathaway Violinist Curiositie Shoppe 5 5 2 6Innsmouth Horror
Rex Murphy Reporter Newspaper 5 5 2 4Kingsport Horror
Rita Young Athlete Police Station 4 6 2 2Dunwich Horror
Roland Banks Fed Arkham Asylum 4 6 3 6Innsmouth Horror
Silas Marsh Sailor River Docks 4 6 2 6Innsmouth Horror
Sister Mary Nun South Church 7 3 1
"Skids" O'Toole Ex-Convict Ma's Boarding House 3 7 2 6Innsmouth Horror
Tommy Muldoon Rookie Cop Police Station 6 4 1 6Innsmouth Horror
Tony Morgan Bounty Hunter St. Mary's Hospital 3 7 2 4Kingsport Horror
Trish Scarborough Spy Newspaper 6 4 1 6Innsmouth Horror
Ursula Downs Explorer Player's Choice* 5 5 2 6Innsmouth Horror
Vincent Lee Doctor St. Mary's Hospital 5 5 2
Wendy Adams Urchin Bank of Arkham 4 4 3 4Kingsport Horror
William Yorick Gravedigger South Church 4 6 1 6Innsmouth Horror
Wilson Richards Handyman Train Station 5 5 4 2Dunwich Horror
Zoey Samaras Chef Train Station 3 7 1 6Innsmouth Horror


Investigators that start with an:

Ally: "Ashcan" Pete (Duke), Charlie Kane, Leo Anderson, Roland Banks

Bank Loan: Finn Edwards

Blessing: Sister Mary

Curse: Rex Murphy

Gate Trophy: Akachi Onyele

Monster Trophy: William Yorick

Retainer: Darrell Simmons, George Barnaby, Rita Young

Silver Twilight Lodge Membership: Diana Stanley

Skill (Fixed; no random): Lily Chen