Patrol Wagon

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Patrol Wagon is a special card. It first appeared in the Arkham Horror board game.

Card info

Movement: If you are in Arkham, you may move to any street area or location in Arkham instead of your normal movement.

Roll a die at the end of each Combat and whenever you return to Arkham from an Other World. On a 1, return this card to the box.


Patrol Wagon cannot be used to move directly to Devil Reef, Y'ha-nthlei, or any Kingsport Head locations (The Causeway, Wireless Station, and Strange High House in the Mist).

When using the Patrol Wagon to move to a new location, it is not necessary to evade any monsters along the potential path. Monsters in the destination location must be evaded or fought as normal though. (Source: Page 10 of The Dunwich Horror Rulebook)