Permanent Performance

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Permanent Performance Style

In this play style, the play "The King in Yellow" has become a regular part of life in Arkham. Although copies of the play continue to circulate and performances of it continue to run, they are not the focus of the game.


Set up the Arkham Horror base board game as normal, but perform the following steps during Step 6: Separate Decks.

  • 6a. Shuffle the new Spells, Common Items, and Unique Items into their respective decks.
  • 6b. Shuffle the base game Mythos cards, Gate cards, and Location cards into their respective decks.
  • 6c. Place the Magical Effect cards in a deck near the other Special Investigator card decks. Then take the three Act cards and place them facedown (so that the large Roman numeral is showing) in a pile in numerical order (Act I on top, Act III on bottom) next to the Mythos deck.

Then proceed with Step 7: Receive Fixed Possessions.


In this variant game, most of the encounters in Arkham and in Other Worlds will be familiar, but spread throughout them will be encounters, events, and characters that relate to the touring play. While less likerly to be encountered or acquired, new Spells and Items are available. All game rules remain the same, as do the game's victory conditions.