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Gate153.png and Gate155.png are identical. Are there really 2 identical red Other World Encounter cards in The King in Yellow or did someone mess up during uploading? - Pesi 11:41, 22 April 2009 (UTC)

It has to be a mistake one someone's part. The card that should replace one of these has R'lyeh as the first Other World and The Dreamlands as the second.

Gate card #155

Text on the missing red card from King in Yellow should probably be:


You tread water, looking for any sign of land, when something brushes against your leg. Spend 1 gate trophy, 5 toughness worth of monster trophies, or 3 Clue tokens. If you cannot, you are devoured.


The light of the moon seems to bend and twist the night around you into fearsome shapes. Pass a Will(-2) check or lose 1 Sanity and 1 Stamina.


For once, fortune is with you. No encounter.