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Featured article template for Main Page.
Parameters are:

  • image
Use image name and suffix.
  • imagetext
Image caption.
  • imagesize
Should not need changing. Only do so if image has unusual height/width.
  • imagealign
If image is broader than tall (or quadratic), use middle. If image is taller than broad, use right
  • text + text2
If {{{imagealign}}} is set to "middle", text can be split into two parts. {{{text}}} will appear above image {{{text2}}} will appear below.
If {{{imagealign}}} is set to right, write all use only {{{text}}}.


Brood Fresh is scenario eight. Arkham has seen lots of horrible things, from snake men and masked creatures to toad-like entities and sanity shattering plays. Now it faces destruction from within. Prepare to face the horror of Eihort!
Scenario 8


Lacks text