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Marker info

Awareness: {{{Awareness}}}


Home Dimension:

Horror Rating: {{{HorrorRating}}} Horror Damage: {{{HorrorDamage}}}

Combat Rating: {{{CombatRating}}} Combat Damage: {{{CombatDamage}}}


Marker Text: {{{MarkerText}}}

Toughness: {{{Toughness}}}


This is a template for displaying monster marker information.


Copy and paste the following code into your article, then put the relevant specifications after the "=" signs.

  • Movement should be set to the marker's border color: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow
  • HomeDimension should be set to the marker's home dimensional symbol: Circle, Crescent, Diamond, Hexagon, Plus, Slash, Square, Star, Triangle
  • Special Abilities include any text after all special abilities the monster has to make it show up. For instance, a Witch has Magical Resistance so setting "MagicalResistance=1" will make only that ability show up. Overwhelming and Nightmarish should be set to the numerical value for those abilities, for instance, "Overwhelming=1"