The Legend of the Scarab

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The Legend of the Scarab is the third scenario of Session 1 of the Arkham Spanish League.



Ancient One: Shub-Niggurath

Setup as normal, adding the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh components as a Visiting Exhibit.

Only the following Investigators may be used:

Special rules

  • One Investigator must take Walter Gilman as an ally at the beginning of the game. He replaces either a Unique Item or two Common Items of that Investigator's starting equipment (fixed or random).
  • One investigator must take the Exhibit Item Fifth Scarab of Amenhotep at the beginning of the game. It replaces either one Unique Item or two Common Items of that investigator's starting equipment (fixed or random).

The Legend of the Scarab

  • Khepra is an ancient god that the religious tradition of ancient Egypt associated with the creation of the world and all its contents. Known as "he who has produced himself"; his main symbol was the scarab. To worshippers of Shub-Niggurath, Khepra is one of the Thousand Young.
  • Every time a Stationary monster (yellow border) enters play, place two Doom tokens on its marker. If the monster is defeated, return the Doom tokens to the pile of unused ones. If at any time a Doom token needs to be added to the Ancient One's Doom Track, or two to a Stationary monster marker, and there are none left; Shub-Niggurath awakens.

The Ten Thousand Young

If at any time during the game there are 3 or more Clue Tokens at a single place, remove all of them from that location and replace them with a monster from the monster cup.

Winning the Game

Winning conditions are the same as described in the base game rules.


The inhabitants of some planets would be capable of living in others, even in stars of other galaxies or similar dimensional phases of a different space-time continuum; although, naturally, there should be a huge number of them mutually uninhabitable, even if they were bodies or spatial zones mathematically juxtaposed.

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