The Pharaoh's Awakening

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The Pharaoh's Awakening is the fourth scenario of Session 1 of the Arkham Spanish League.



Ancient One: Nyarlathotep

Setup as normal, adding the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh components as a Permanent Exhibit AND The Dark Pharaoh Herald. To complete the setup see The Pharaoh's Awakening below.

Only the following Investigators may be used:

Remove the following from this deck:


Special rules

  • One Investigator must take Walter Gilman as an ally at the beginning of the game. He replaces either a Unique Item or two Common Items of that Investigator's starting equipment (fixed or random).

The Pharaoh's Awakening

Investigators have received both Benefits and Detriments to confront the Pharaoh. Depending on the number of investigators the following Benefits and Detriments will be dealt:

  • 2 Investigators: One Investigator begins with the Tainted Detriment and a Blessing. The other investigator begins with the Visions Benefit and a Curse; this last investigator must be the one to take Walter Gilman as an ally.
  • 3 Investigators: Deal as 2 investigators, but the third one gets the Local Guide Detriment and a Blessing.
  • 4 Investigators: Deal as 3 investigators, but the fourth one gets the Psychic Benefit and a Curse.
  • 5 Investigators: Deal as 4 investigators, but the fifth one gets the Wanted Detriment and a Blessing.
  • 6 Investigators: Deal as 5 investigators, but the sixth one gets the Private Investigator Benefit and a Curse.
  • 7 Investigators: Deal as 6 investigators, but the seventh one gets the Harried Detriment and a Blessing.
  • 8 Investigators: Deal as 7 investigators, but the eighth one gets the Anointed Benefit and a Barred from Northside card.

Winning the Game

Winning conditions are normal, as described in the base game rules.


In deepest dreams all things were also more visible, and Gilman had the feeling that the dark twilight abyss that surrounded him led to the fourth dimension.

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