The Strange Seduction

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The Strange Seduction is the second scenario of Session 1 of the Arkham Spanish League.



Ancient One: Yig

Setup as normal. Only the following Investigators may be used:

Special rules

One Investigator must take Walter Gilman as an ally at the beginning of the game. He replaces either a Unique Item or two Common Items of that Investigator's starting equipment (fixed or random).

Strange Seduction

  • Cultists have a Will Rating of +0 and a Sanity Damage of 1. Additionally, they get the Endless attribute, but instead of returning to the monster cup, every Cultist defeated in combat must be placed at the Unvisited Isle along with an additional Cultist taken from the cup. If a Cultist needs to be taken from the cup to be placed at the Unvisited Isle and there are none remaining, Yig awakens.
  • Cultists never go to the Outskirts. If a Cultist has been chosen to go to the Outskirts it should be placed at the Unvisited Isle, and a different monster from the streets or locations should go to the Outskirts instead.
  • Every time that, for any reason, a Cultist is placed at the Unvisited Isle, add a Doom token to the Doom track.
  • All this information regarding Cultists is added to Yig's sheet for this scenario.
  • Once awaken, Yig's Combat Rating will be either -Amount of Cultists on the board, or -3, whichever is greater. So for instance, should 4 Cultists be on the board, Yig would have a -4 combat rating.

The Unvisited Isle

Portals opening at the Unvisited Isle cannot be sealed.

Winning the Game

Winning conditions are normal, as described in the base game rules.


Gilman concluded that this last thing came from what he'd read in the Necronomicon about the insane entity, Azathoth, that rules over time and space from a black throne at the center of Chaos. Had any of the entities that surrounded it been sent to this dimension? What new terror lived in the Unvisited Isle on the Miskatonic River?

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