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Middle-aged software developer and long-time Lovecraft/Mythos fan in Hawaii; just discovered Arkham Horror recently.

I don't expect to be more than an occasional contributor to the wiki.

  • Recently I've been doing a lot of clean-up of "wanted pages" and "wanted categories", mostly by fixing variants of the correct links, sometimes by adding pages.
  • I think I've now finished cleaning up all the table headings from "Edition" to "Expansion", as discussed in the Community Talk Page. That was a minor pain. --Notfilc 18:05, 14 November 2009 (UTC)

I was looking at bringing over the English translations of the Spanish League scenarios, now available at BoardGameGeek as Strange Eons files:

(But others did most of the work on wikifying these.)

Recently added {{speedydelete}} and {{delete}} templates and a category of Candidates for speedy deletion to simplify the job of spam cleanup.