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Bast is a guardian. She first appeared in Kingsport Horror expansion.

Bast - Protector of Cats

When Bast is the Guardian, place the Beloved of Bast cards and the Bast tokens near this sheet at the start of the game.

Protector of Cats

Beauty, cool aloofness, philosophic repose, self-sufficiency, untamed mastery - where else can we find these things with even half the perfection and completeness that mark their incarnation in the peerless and softly gliding cat?

Whenever an investigator is in a street area during the Arkham Encounters Phase, he may spend $2 to feed the stray cats of Arkham. If he chooses to do so, that investigator takes a Bast token if he does not have one already. At the start of each turn, any investigator with a Bast token must either spend all of his Focus or discard the token.

Guardian of the Home

If a monster would enter the same area as an investigator with a Bast token during the Mythos Phase, the monster remains where it is instead.

Bast's Favor

When The Story Continues… is drawn from the Mythos deck, if the first player has a Bast token or the Foolishness Ally, he discards any Bast token he has and takes the Beloved of Bast cards instead, unless another player already has them.