Being of Ib (4)

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Being of Ib (4) is a monster. It first appeared in the Innsmouth Horror expansion.

Being of Ib
Being of Ib monster marker frontBeing of Ib monster marker back
Movement None
Home Dimension

SlashSlash dimensional symbol


Rules Text Investigators receive a -1 penalty to Luck checks.

If Bokrug awakens, place three extra doom tokens on him.
Combat Stats
Horror Toughness Combat
Rating Damage   Rating Damage

Mythos Source

The Beings of Ib first appeared in the story "The Doom That Came to Sarnath" writen by H.P. Lovecraft December 3rd, 1919. The Beings of Ib were the residents of the city of Ib and were eventuatlly killed by the men that founded Sarnath. The ghosts of the Beings of Ib took there revenge 1,000 years later with help from thier god Bokrug.

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