Deep Ones Rising track

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The Deep Ones Rising Track is a board element of the Innsmouth expansion board.

It consists of six spots, which fill up due to different reasons. If all six spots are filled, the Ancient One awakens immediately. The Feds Raid Innsmouth track is used to clear the Deep Ones Rising Track.

Ways the Deep Ones Rising track fills up

The first way the track fills up is familiar from Dunwich Horror, there are three vortexes on the board, any time a monster moves onto a vortex, it is removed from the board and a token is put on the Deep One Rising track.

The second way the track fills is that any time a portal is prevented from opening by a location being sealed, or the presence of an investigator or item that prevents gates from opening, a token is added to the track. If a gate is already open at the location, no token is added, and a monster surge occurs as normal.

Additionally, If a player draws the Innsmouth Look card that turns them into a deep one, it adds one token to the track. There are two mythos cards, Gathering Storm! - a headline and Plans in Motion - a rumor, which add tokens to the deep one rising tracks.

Finally, Mother Hydra and Father Dagon, the two new herald cards with the expansion, both cause one token to be added to the track at the start of the game, and after each time that the track is cleared by the feds. Oh, and they stack if you use both together.