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Glaaki is an Ancient One. He first appeared in the Dunwich Horror expansion.

Sheet info

Combat rating: -5

Defenses: Physical Resistance

Worshippers: Glaaki's worshippers are relentless undead creatures. Cultists are Undead and stalkers. Place the 5 Servant of Glaaki monsters on this sheet. Servants of Glaaki that are defeated return to this sheet. They can never be claimed as trophies.

Power: Undead Servants - While Glaaki stirs in his slumber, each time an Ally is discarded or removed from the game, draw a mythos card and place a random Servant of Glaaki on the gate location shown (even if it is sealed). If all 5 Servants of Glaaki are already on the board, Glaaki immediately awakens. If an investigator is devoured, raise the terror level by 2.

Attack: Raise the terror level by 1. If it is 10 or higher, all investigators are devoured.

Doom Track: 12


Mythos Source

Glaaki first appeared in The Inhabitant of the Lake (1964), written by Ramsey Campbell.