Hound of Tindalos

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Hound of Tindalos is a monster. It first appeared in the Arkham Horror board game.

Hound of Tindalos
Hound of Tindalos monster marker frontHound of Tindalos monster marker back
Movement Unique
Awareness -1
Home Dimension

SquareSquare dimensional symbol


Rules Text

When it moves, the Hound of Tindalos moves directly to the nearest investigator inside a location in Arkham (Other than the Hospital or Asylum).
Combat Stats
Horror Toughness Combat
Rating Damage   Rating Damage
-2 4 2 -1 3

Mythos Source

They first appeared in The Hounds of Tindalos (1931), written by Frank Belknap Long.


If there is a tie between investigators being closest to the Hound, it goes for the one with the lowest Sneak. If there's still a tie, the first player chooses. If there is no investigators on the same board, but on another (e.g. monster is in Dunwich alone, while the only investigators not in other world is in Arkham), the Hound moves through the train station to the closest investigator. As with flying monsters, the Hound goes to the Outskirts if monster limit is reached.