Knocking on the Gates

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Knocking on the Gates is scenario six. It was first published on October 3, 2008.


Special rules

Any investigator may sacrifice two sanity for two clue tokens as many times as they want per turn. Any time an investigator is sent to the Arkham Asylum due to going insane, place a blight card in play. At the end of the upkeep phase, each investigator loses 1 sanity for every 2 tomes, spells, and/or unique items they have. ie. If an investigator has 2 spells, 1 tome, and 3 unique items they would lose 3 sanity. During setup, if an investigator has an item that has been removed, they instead receive a random item instead.


Setup as normal. Add The King In Yellow components as a permanent show. Do not add any Heralds.

Ancient One: Yog-Sothoth

Remove the following allies from the stack before randomly choosing the 11 allies for the game.


Remove the following from the decks:

Common items
Unique items

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