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Nyogtha is an Ancient One. He first appeared in the Innsmouth Horror board game.

Sheet info

Combat rating: -8

Defenses: None

Worshippers: Nyogtha is worshipped by a variety of beings in return for teaching them spells. Witches, Warlocks, and Ghouls gain +1 toughness and Physical Resistance.

Power: Tendrils from Below - While Nyogtha stirs in its slumber, at the start of the game, place the Tendril of Nyogtha monster token on this sheet. Each time a monster (but not a gate) appears during an encounter, the Tendril of Nyogtha is encountered instead. If it is defeated, return the Tendril to this sheet. It cannot be claimed as a trophy.

Attack: The first player is pulled underground. Roll a die. On a success, that player escapes with their life; otherwise they are devoured.

Nyogtha's combat rating is -3 for the first player only.

Doom Track: 12


Mythos Source

Nyogtha first appeared in The Salem Horror (1937), written by Henry Kuttner.