Quachil Uttaus

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Quachil Uttaus is an Ancient One. It first appeared in the Innsmouth Horror expansion.

Sheet info

Combat rating: -3

Defenses: Physical Immunity, Magical Immunity

Worshippers: Quachil Uttaus is worshipped by wizards who call upon him for immortality. Warlocks gain +2 toughness and Endless. Investigators do not collect clue tokens from defeating a Warlock unless they can ignore the Endless ability.

Power: Footprints in the Dust - While Quachil Uttaus stirs in his slumber, shuffle the three dust decks at the start of the game and place them facedown on this sheet.

At the start of each turn, the first player must either spend 2 clue tokens or draw a card from the lowest-numbered dust deck that still has undrawn cards in it.

Start of Battle: All Allies are returned to the box.

Attack: Quachil Uttaus touches the first player, who ages to dust and blows away in the wind. The first player is devoured.

Doom Track: 12


Mythos Source

Quachil Uttaus first appeared in The Treader of the Dust (1935), written by Clark Ashton Smith.


When Quachil Uttaus is the Ancient One, the first player marker is only moved when the first player is devoured. If a player spends Clue tokens to avoid drawing a Dust card, he still keeps the first player marker.