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Skill may also refer to the Skill values on the investigator card.

Skill cards represent an investigator’s abilities. Skill cards typically either give a bonus to a certain skill or allow you to roll the dice again when you fail a certain kind of dice roll. Skill cards are rare and/or expensive to acquire.

List of skills

Skill Expansion
Ancient Language 4Kingsport Horror
Camouflage 4Kingsport Horror
Clairvoyant 15Miskatonic Horror: Lurker at the Threshold component
Conceal 2Dunwich Horror
Credit Rating 4Kingsport Horror
Criminal 10Miskatonic Horror: Dunwich Horror component
Disguise 4Kingsport Horror
Dodge 2Dunwich Horror
Egyptologist 9Miskatonic Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharaoh component
Endurance 4Kingsport Horror
Expert Occultist
Fight (skill)
Fisticuffs 2Dunwich Horror
Grapple 2Dunwich Horror
Hide 2Dunwich Horror
Informant 14Miskatonic Horror: Innsmouth Horror component
Initiate 13Miskatonic Horror: Black Goat of the Woods component
Library Use 2Dunwich Horror
Linguistics 4Kingsport Horror
Listen 4Kingsport Horror
Lore (skill)
Luck (skill)
Martial Arts 4Kingsport Horror
Mental Fortitude 4Kingsport Horror
Mystic Gift 2Dunwich Horror
Mythos Lore 2Dunwich Horror
Painter 12Miskatonic Horror: Kingsport Horror component
Performer 11Miskatonic Horror: King in Yellow component
Persuade 4Kingsport Horror
Psychology 2Dunwich Horror
Run 4Kingsport Horror
Sneak (skill)
Speed (skill)
Spot Hidden 2Dunwich Horror
Strong Will 2Dunwich Horror
Will (skill)
Wrestle 4Kingsport Horror