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Card Information

Mythos Type: {{{MythosType}}}

Gate Opens:

Clue Appears At: {{{ClueLocations}}}

Monster Movement

Mythos Ability: {{{MythosAbility}}}


This is a template for displaying a Mythos card.


Copy and paste the following code into your article, then put the relevant specifications after the "=" signs.

  • MythosType Should be one of the following: Headlines, Environment, Rumor.
  • EnvironmentType Should be one of the following: Mystic, Urban, Weather.
  • FlavorText Is typically italicized on the card image. It is the text that has no impact on gameplay.
  • MythosAbility Is the text that affects gameplay.
  • ClueLocations Example input [[Hibb's Roadhouse]]. If there are multiple locations, each should follow the same format.
  • GateLocation Should contain only the name of the first location. It does not need brackets [[]]
  • GateLocation2 Like GateLocation, but for the second location, if the card open 2 gates.
  • GateLocationAlt Like GateLocation, but for the second location, if the card opens one of 2 gates (alternate gates card).
  • GateBurst Any text after the equals sign will make the gate burst notification appear. Gate bursts are indicated by a red background on the gate opening location on the card image.
  • DoomTokens Indicates the numerical value of the doom tokens that are added to the doom token track. For instance, DoomTokens=2
  • Dimensional Movements Use "W" for white movement and "B" for black movement.