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A Doom Token

Doom tokens are one of the principal tokens in the Arkham Horror game, as they signal the amount of time the investigators have before the Ancient One Awakens.

Doom tokens are placed on the doom track on the Ancient One sheet in sequential order, starting with the space marked "1", and following until either the last space is filled and the Ancient One awakens, or the Investigators achieve Victory before this point.

During the Final Battle, doom tokens serve as the Ancient One's toughness. When the investigators inflict enough successful attacks on the Ancient One equal to the amount of players, a doom token is removed from the sheet. If all tokens are removed, the investigators achieve victory.

It is rare, but possible, to remove doom tokens before the Ancient One awakens.

Ways Doom Tokens may be added

  • A gate opens while resolving a Mythos card, or a Mythos card says to add doom tokens.
  • Certain encounters, both in Arkham or Other Worlds, can cause a doom token to be added.
  • The Dunwich Horror can add a doom token if it is on the field.
  • If a dimensional symbol is drawn on a Mythos card that has an open rift, a doom token is added.

Ways Doom Tokens may be removed