The Beginning of The End

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The Beginning of The End is the ninth scenario of Session 1 of the Arkham Spanish League.



Ancient One: Cthulhu

Setup as normal, adding the Dunwich Horror components. Check Gilman's Ritual below to complete the setup.

Only the following Investigators may be used:

Special rules

  • Shuffle the ally cards from the base game with the Dunwich Horror allies to make the ally deck for this game. Do NOT remove any allies, use all 16 of them.

Gilman's Ritual

Walter Gilman has escaped from the Arkham Asylum and has given in to the terrors beyond the stars. He's preparing to summon a horror that should not exist.

The Joining the Winning Team card must be placed near the board: it is the Mission Walter Gilman will try to complete to extinguish all trace of human life on Earth. Place the Walter Gilman monster in the Downtown street.

Each time the Terror level increases and an ally should be discarded, that ally is placed next to the Joining the Winning Team card. These ally cards are considered as discarded from the normal game: they can no longer be gained by the Investigators; they belong to Walter Gilman instead.

Walter Gilman moves an extra street for each 2 allies in his possession. If the Walter Gilman monster passes through a street linked to one of the locations mentioned in the Joining the Winning Team card, and there are allies belonging to Walter Gilman (see previous paragraph), one of those allies must be removed from the game permanently to meet the Mission's requirements. In order to perform the final sacrifice of the Joining the Winning Team card (Lost in Time and Space), Walter Gilman must pass through a street linked to a location with a Portal that leads to R'lyeh. At that moment he will enter the portal, and the first player will have to roll as many dice as 13 - Terror Level. For instance, if the Terror Level is 8, then 5 dice will be rolled (13-8=5). If any die shows a 5 or a 6, Walter Gilman will have succeeded in getting Lost in Time and Space to sacrifice the last ally for the Mission and destroy the Earth: the Investigators lose the game. If no successes are rolled, Walter Gilman's monster must be placed in the Downtown streets, and he will have to pass through a street linked to a location with a portal leading to R'lyeh to try again. You can't use clue tokens to reroll any dice from this roll.

Stopping Walter Gilman is no easy task: he's powerful now. If an investigator meets Walter Gilman on a street, he/she can attempt to delay his ritual by spending 5 clue tokens to remove one ally from the Joining the Winning Team card. Walter Gilman cannot be faced in combat or removed from the board in any way. Walter Gilman ignores Mythos cards, spells and any other cards that could affect him. Walter Gilman cannot go to Dunwich for any reason.

Winning the Game

Winning conditions are normal, as described in the base game rules. If Walter Gilman completes his Mission, all investigators lose the game.


“Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"

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