Ancient One Awakens

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No matter how valiantly the investigators struggle, they are facing incredible odds. Despite their best efforts, the Ancient One may awaken and enter Arkham. If this comes to pass, the only thing the investigators can do is try to drive it back using the weapons and magic they've accumulated throughout the game.

Conditions for Awakening

There are six conditions under which the Ancient One may awaken, seven if using the Innsmouth Horror expansion.

1. Doom Track is full

If enough gates open, eventually the Ancient One's doom track will fill up with doom tokens, even if the investigators use all of the elder signs. When a doom token is placed on the last open space on the doom track, the Ancient One awakens immediately.

2. Too many gates open

If the investigators allow too many gates to be open at the same time, this can awaken the Ancient One. The number of open gates that will immediately awaken the Ancient One depends on the number of players.
Number of Players Number of Open Gates
1-2 8
3-4 7
5-6 6
7-8 5

3. No Gate Markers

The Ancient One awakens immediately when a new gate opens and there are no unused gate markers left in the pile. Thus, if gate markers run low, players should spend one or more gate trophies to replenish the supply.

4. No monsters in the Cup

The Ancient One awakens if a monster should be drawn from the monster cup but there are no monsters left in the cup.

5. Terror Level 10 and too many monsters

The Ancient One awakens if the terror level has reached 10 and there are monsters in play equal to twice the normal monster limit (for example, 16 monsters in a five-player game).

6. Corruption card deck exhausted

If a player is instructed to draw a Corruption card, but there are no cards available to draw, the Ancient One immediately awakens.

7. Deep Ones Rising track is full

If using the Innsmouth Horror expansion board, if the Deep Ones Rising track fills all six spaces, then the Ancient One immediately awakens. If this starts to fill up, investigators should fill up the Feds Raid Innsmouth track which, when full, will empty the Deep Ones Rising track.

Results of Awakening

If the Ancient One awakens it confronts the investigators in a Final Battle.

Very Important: If the Ancient One awakens and its doom track is not full, fill its doom track with doom tokens before proceeding to the final battle.