Chaugnar Faugn

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Chaugnar Faugn is an Ancient One. He first appeared in the Innsmouth Horror board game.

Sheet info

Combat rating: -4

Defenses: Physical Immunity

Worshippers: Chaugnar Faugn is worshipped by a fierce and fanatical jungle tribe. All Tcho-tchos and Tcho-tcho Priests gain +2 toughness.

Power: Curse of the Jungle - While Chaugnar Faugn stirs in his slumber, any investigator carrying an Elder Sign or in the same neighborhood as an elder sign token suffers a -1 penalty to all skill checks.

Attack: Each investigator must discard three Clue tokens, one Ally, or be devoured. Chaugnar Faugn cannot have more than three doom tokens removed from his doom track during a single round of combat - he ignores all further successes.

Doom Track: 12


Mythos Source

Chaugnar Faugn first appears in The Horror from the Hills (1931), written by Frank B. Long.