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Chthonian is a monster. It first appeared in the Arkham Horror board game.

Chthonian monster marker frontChthonian monster marker back
Movement Unique
Awareness +1
Home Dimension

TriangleTriangle dimensional symbol

Rules Text

Instead of moving, roll a die. On a 4-6, all investigators in Arkham lose 1 Stamina.
Combat Stats
Horror Toughness Combat
Rating Damage   Rating Damage
-2 2 3 -3 3


Chthonians are huge worm like monsters that live under the ground and create violent earthquakes. Instead of moving, this monster is causing an earthquake across Arkham to damage the investigators. As a result, investigators in an Other World are not affected.

Source info

The Chthonians first appeared in Cement Surroundings (1969), written by Brian Lumley.