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Stamina represents an investigator's level of physical health and toughness. The higher an investigator's Stamina, the more damage they can sustain during combat with monsters, during encounters, or through other harrowing events.

At the beginning of the game each player receives a number of stamina tokens equal to their investigator's maximum stamina, which is depicted clearly on the investigator sheet. Each time the investigator takes damage they discard a stamina token. Stamina can be healed in several ways, such as through encounters; by staying at St. Mary's Hospital; or through items or special abilities.

If an investigator's stamina is reduced to 0 through any means that investigator is knocked unconscious. If this happens while the investigator is in an Other World, he is instead lost in time and space. If the investigator is reduced to 0 Stamina and 0 Sanity at the same time, they are devoured.

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