Ghatanothoa's Visage token

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The Ghatanothoa's Visage tokens are used only when Ghatanothoa is the Ancient One. They can cause investigators to be devoured without engaging in combat. They were introduced with Ghatanothoa in the Innsmouth Horror expansion.

Use in Gameplay

Annihilating Gaze - While Ghatanothoa stirs in his slumber, place the eight visage tokens facedown on this sheet. Each time an investigator gains 2 or more Clue tokens at once, he must turn a visage token faceup. If it has Ghatanothoa's face on it, he is devoured. If not, leave the token faceup. Once four visage tokens are faceup, turn them facedown and shuffle the visage tokens. Of the eight tokens, only one is devoured, the other seven are blank.