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Ghroth is a herald. He first appeared in the Kingsport Horror expansion.

Ghroth - The Nemesis Moon

When Ghroth is the Herald, place two extra doom tokens on the Ancient One's doom track at the start of the game.

The End is Near

The comet-god comes, singing to the stars and planets as it passes; waking the strange and terrible gods that lie slumbering beneath.

The Ancient One's doom track begins the game with two extra doom tokens on it.

Looming Omens

Each time an Environment (Mystic) card is drawn from the mythos deck, every investigator must either spend a Clue token or else the first player rolls a die and consults the chart below:

1: Each investigator in Arkham loses 1 Sanity.
2: Each investigator in Arkham loses 1 Stamina.
3-4: No effect.
5: Raise the terror level by 1.
6: Add a doom token to the Ancient One's doom track.