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Ithaqua is an Ancient One. He first appeared in the Arkham Horror board game.

Sheet info

Combat rating: -3

Defenses: None

Worshippers: Ithaqua's worshippers eat the flesh of their fellow men, gaining supernatural power through their dark practice. Cultists have their toughness increased by 2.

Power: Icy Winds - While Ithaqua stirs in his slumber, any investigator in a street area at the end of the Mythos phase loses 1 Stamina. In addition, all Weather cards are discarded without their special effects taking place.

Start of Battle: Investigators must roll a die for every item they have, discarding the item on a failure.

Attack: Each investigator must pass a Fight (+1) check or lose 2 Stamina. This check's modifier decreases by 1 each turn (+0 the 2nd turn, -1 the 3rd turn, etc.)

Doom Track: 11


Mythos Source

Ithaqua first appeared in The Thing that Walked on the Wind (1933), written by August Derleth.


If a non-weather environment card is in play and a new Mythos card is drawn with a weather environmental effect, all functions of the card are followed except for the environmental effect. The card is then discarded.

At the start of battle, each investigator must roll one die separately for each item the investigator has.