Masquerade Ball

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Masquerade Ball is scenario two. It was first published on July 11, 2008.


Special rules

As Nyarlathotep sows madness and sorrow, it becomes harder to focus on the world around you. Each time a maniac, mask monster, or cultist is drawn from the cup and placed on a location (but not the Outskirts), each investigator loses 1 Sanity. Before any trades are made between players, both must make a Will (-1) check. If either fails the trade can not occur. With Nyarlathotep it is hard to know who your friends really are. When an ally joins your investigator, pass a Will (-3) check to keep them. If you fail, discard the ally and move your investigator to the streets as you flee from the monster.


Setup as normal, adding the 5 Mask monsters to the cup.

Ancient One: Nyarlathotep

Remove the following from the decks:

Unique items


Allies that are starting equipment do not need to be rolled for. Any allies gained once the game has started must be rolled for.

Trading may only be attempted once per turn. If you fail the roll those characters may not trade anything until the next round.

Sanity loss due to monsters arriving in Arkham. The justification for investigators losing sanity even while in the other world is - with each one of those monsters freed they increase Nyarlathotep's power. See it as Nyarly flexing his crazy muscle. If you are Lost In Time And Space and you lose your last sanity you are resent to LITAS. Same as if you were at the asylum and lost your last sanity, you just fall down delayed and try again.

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