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The Movement Phase is the second phase in an Arkham Horror game turn.

During the movement phase, investigators may change their physical location on the game board, trade items, and pick up clue tokens. This is also the game phase in which the majority of the monster combat or evasion occurs.

Phase Breakdown

A typical movement phase will normally be carried out preforming the actions below in the order shown. There are two kinds of movement:

Investigators in Arkham

  • Investigators in Arkham receive movement points equal to the value of their speed skill including modifiers from skills and allies.
  • Provided they have sufficient movement points, Investigators in Arkham may in any order:
    • Spend 1 movement point to move their investigator to an adjacent street area or location.
    • Spend movement points to activate an item as indicated on the item card.
    • Trade with another investigator if both investigators are in the same location.
    • Note: When an investigator wishes to move through an area that has a monster, they must successfully evade it or their movement ends. If they fail to evade it, the monster deals its damage to them, and they must immediately fight the monster.
    • Note: An investigator may choose not to use some or all of their movement points in the phase and consequently lose them.
  • Any monsters on the location where the investigator ends his move must be either evaded or fought before the investigator's movement phase ends.
    • If the investigator falls unconscious from combat they are immediately moved to St. Mary's Hospital and their movement phase is over.
    • If the investigator goes insane from combat they are immediately moved to Arkham Asylum and their movement phase is over.
  • If there is a clue token on the location, the investigator can pick it up.
  • The investigator's movement phase is now over.

Note:If there is a gate at the location where the investigator ends his move, and the investigator does not have an explored token for it, then in the Arkham Encounters Phase, they will travel to the other world corresponding to the gate. This therefore happens only after all investigators are done with movement, evasion, and combat.

Investigators in Other Worlds

  • Investigators in other worlds receive no movement points.
    • Investigators in the left half of an other world move to the right half of the other world.
    • Investigators in the right half of an other world move to any gate in Arkham that corresponds with the other world that they are currently in and receive an explored marker.