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Speed may also refer to: the "Speed" Skill card, or to Speed check, a skill check.

Speed is a Skill value which appears on each investigator card. It is paired with the Sneak skill, and adjusted together with that skill via a Skill slider.

Like the other skill values, the total Speed value may be adjusted from the amount on the investigator card by the effects of Skill cards or other cards in play.

Speed Value Use in Gameplay

Movement points

The total Speed value is the source of the movement points used during the investigator Movement phase.

Each point of Speed, as adjusted by the effects of Skill cards and other cards, gives the investigator one movement point. In Arkham or board locations other than the Other Worlds, one movement point is required to move one space on the board.

Speed checks

The total Speed value, as adjusted by the effects of Skill cards or other cards, is also used to perform any Speed checks required by an encounter or other gameplay. The value of Speed used for Speed checks may be further adjusted by the investigator spending clue tokens on the check.

Speed checks are not normally needed during Evasion, Combat, or spell-casting.