River Breaches the Levees

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River Breaches the Levees is a mythos card. It first appeared in the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion.

Card Information

Mythos Type: Environment (Weather)

Gate Opens: Silver Twilight Lodge

Clue Appears At: *Graveyard

Monster Movement
SlashSlash dimensional symbolStarStar dimensional symbolTriangleTriangle dimensional symbol
HexagonHexagon dimensional symbol

Mythos Ability: Place 1 Exhibit Item, facedown, in each of the Merchant District and Rivertown streets. The first investigator to reach one of these neighborhood streets may end his turn to take the item.

The terror level increases by 1.

Flavor Text: The river floods suddenly, drowning the streets of Arkham. When it recedes, it leaves behind strange artifacts that look like they came down the Nile!


Once one of the Exhibit Items is taken, the other is discarded.