The Dunwich Horror (monster)

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The Dunwich Horror is a monster. It first appeared in the Dunwich Horror expansion.

The Dunwich Horror
The Dunwich Horror monster marker frontThe Dunwich Horror monster marker back
Movement Unique
Awareness +2
Home Dimension

CrescentCrescent dimensional symbol


Rules Text Instead of moving, roll a die. On a 4-6, add a doom token to the doom track.

Before making a Horror check against the Dunwich Horror, draw a Dunwich Horror card to determine its attributes.
Combat Stats
Horror Toughness Combat
Rating Damage   Rating Damage
* 5 *

Mythos Source

The Dunwich Horror first appeared in the story The Dunwich Horror, written by H.P. Lovecraft (1928).


If you fail an Evade check, draw a Dunwich Horror card (if not drawn already) and take the printed combat damage.

The Dunwich Horror Cards

  • TheDunwichHorrorCard1.png
  • TheDunwichHorrorCard2.png
  • TheDunwichHorrorCard3.png
  • TheDunwichHorrorCard4.png
  • TheDunwichHorrorCard5.png
  • TheDunwichHorrorCard6.png
  • TheDunwichHorrorCard7.png