The End of the Beginnings

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The End of the Beginnings is the tenth and final scenario of Session 1 of the Arkham Spanish League.



Ancient One: Azathoth

Join all components from the expansions required for this scenario. The Curse of the Dark Pharaoh and The King in Yellow expansions are included in Permanent mode. Do not put any heralds in play. Check The End of the Beginnings for more details.

Only the following Investigators may be used:

Special rules

The End of the Beginnings

Walter Gilman's sacrifice has brought the apocalypse. Arkham has turned into the very center of Evil... In addition to Azathoth's sheet, place at his side the following Ancient Ones: Nyarlathotep and Yog-Sothoth. Do not put any Doom Tokens on these Ancient Ones at the beginning.

Nyarlathotep is linked to The Dreamlands. Yog-Sothoth is linked to Yuggoth.

If at any moment of the game there is a portal in Arkham or Dunwich that leads to Yuggoth, Yog-Sothoth's slumber and worshipper rules apply in addition to Azathoth's. If at any moment of the game there is a portal in Arkham or Dunwich that leads to The Dreamlands, Nyarlathotep's slumber and worshipper rules apply in addition to Azathoth's, and all cultists return to the cup.

If at any moment of the game both portals to Yuggoth or The Dreamlands are open in Arkham and/or Dunwich, the Ancient One linked to those Portals will awaken and these instructions must be followed:

  1. The Terror level increases by 1.
  2. Remove all Doom Tokens from Azathoth's sheet and place them in the awakened Ancient One. For example, if Azathoth has 4 Doom Tokens and Nyarlathotep awakens, Nyarlathotep gets the 4 Doom Tokens for combat.
  3. The investigators must defeat the awakened Ancient One following the normal rules.

If the awakened Ancient One is defeated, the game continues, and Azathoth begins again with a single Doom Token. The defeated Ancient One will not appear for the rest of the game, or its effects applied. If the Ancient One defeats the investigators, they lose the game.

If there are more than 11 Doom Tokens in Azathoth's sheet, Nyarlathotep will NOT be able to awaken, but his slumber and worshipper effects will remain active for the rest of the game should portals to The Dreamlands be open in Arkham or Dunwich.

Each time a card requires a Doom Token to be addded to the Ancient One's track, it will always be added to Azathoth and not to Nyarlathotep or Yog-Sothoth.

Winning the Game

In order to defeat Azathoth the investigators must seal 6 portals. There is no other way to stop him.


“The demon lead me through the senseless void beyond the shiny swarms of dimensional space, until no time or matter was before me, but only shapeless Chaos. There the inmense Lord of Everything mumbled in darkness Things that I had dreamed of but could not understand..."

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