The King in Yellow (herald)

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The King in Yellow is a herald. He first appeared in The King in Yellow expansion.

The King in Yellow - The Tattered King

When the King in Yellow is the Herald, place the yellow sign tokens on this sheet, then shuffle the Blight deck and place it facedown near the board at the start of the game.

The Yellow Sign

The blasphemous play "The King in Yellow" is being performed in Arkham. Every time the terror level increases, the investigators must do one of the following:

A: Place a yellow sign token in the space just vacated by the terror marker.


B. Place a yellow sign token on the doom track as if it were a doom token.

Yellow Sign Tokens

The effects of yellow sign tokens vary based on where they are placed, and are described below:

Terror track: Each time the investigators place a yellow sign token on the terror track, the first player draws a random card from the Blight deck and places it into play.

Doom track: Yellow sign tokens placed on the doom track are treated exactly like doom tokens.