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culix is a computer nerd from Canada. He finds wiki editing utterly addictive.


culix' todo list

  • all the corruption cards need their text added to the page.
  • Fill out all stubs for at least the major topics
  • Pick off some of the easy Wanted Pages
  • Make a template for location descriptions?
    • We could use templates for monster and Ancient One data too, but maybe wait until later. We already have the data present, and new expansions don't come out that often. We're probably better off adding new content than finding new ways to organize the data we already have.
  • Add wikipedia or other links to each Ancient One.
  • Make a box for location data/properties, like stability, encounter types, edition, colour/neighborhood, etc?
    • Do we have graphics for the different encounter icons?
  • Make the Monster toughness column show up as blood drop icons?
  • Upload the location card images (backs) and display them on locations and/or neighbourhoods? that may not be 'fair use' :(
  • svg grahpics of board map/nodes?
  • Fix/set up the documentation templates leading off Template:Fontcolor. We may not need all of that setup for this smaller wiki.
  • Set up documentation from the user vandalism templates so people here can know how to use it.
  • Fix all of the links that go to 'devour' to 'devoured' to match page move.
  • Set up the excellent mythos card template to use movement icon images.
  • add documentation for disambig template?
  • Change mentions of 'edition' to 'expansion', as discussed on the Community portal
  • Move Mythos to Mythos Deck
  • Add a redirect for the Environment, Rumor etc mythos type pages that points to the mythos card 'mythos card type' section.
    • Just letting you know I took care of this, as it was bugging me not to have a link target for Rumor. Check the update to Mythos#Mythos Types --Notfilc 02:53, 9 November 2009 (UTC)