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Barred from Neighborhood (in the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion):

Arkham is an insular town, and the powers and people there are not to be trifled with. When an investigator does something to anger those in power in a specific neighborhood, or perhaps because part of the neighborhood itself becomes repellent to him, that investigator is Barred. An investigator may enter the street of a neighborhood from which he is Barred, but he may not enter a location in that neighborhood during the Movement phase.

There are two exceptions to this rule. First, an investigator may enter a location with an open gate, even if he is Barred from the neighborhood in which it is located. Second, an investigator may enter a barred neighborhood as a result of actions taken during other phases. For example, if an Arkham Encounter designates that an investigator may immediately move to another location, he may move to that location regardless of being Barred from the neighborhood in which it resides. Other examples of this sort of allowed movement include returning from being Lost in Time and Space, being sent to Arkham Asylum as a result of going insane, being sent to St. Mary's Hospital as a result of being knocked unconscious, and being arrested.

All Barred cards are discarded when the terror level goes up; the locals are too busy dealing with the monsters in their streets to notice you in their part of town, and you’re too busy saving the world to let a phobia or bad memory stop you! If there are no Barred cards left for the neighborhood from which your investigator becomes Barred, you must take the appropriate Barred card from another investigator.

List of Barred from Neighborhoods