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Cthugha is an Ancient One. He first appeared in the Innsmouth Horror board game.

Sheet info

Combat rating: -5

Defenses: Physical Resistance

Worshippers: Cthugha is worshipped by its smaller brethren. Fire Vampires gain +2 toughness and deal 1 extra Stamina as combat damage.

Power: Sweltering Heat - While Cthugha stirs in its slumber, each investigator loses 1 Stamina for each movement point over 3 he spends each turn. Reading Tomes does not count towards this total. In addition, all Weather cards are ignored when drawn - a new card being drawn instead.

Attack: Roll a die. Each investigator must lose a total of that many Clue tokens, Stamina, and/or Sanity or be devoured. Any weapon used in an attack against Cthugha is discarded after the attack is made.

Doom Track: 13


Mythos Source

Cthugha first appears in The House on Curwen Street (1944), written by August Derleth.