Endlessly Breeding

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Endlessly Breeding is a mythos card. It first appeared in The Black Goat of the Woods expansion.

Card Information

Mythos Type: Rumor

Doom Tokens Added: 2

Clue Appears At: No Clue

Monster Movement
CrescentCrescent dimensional symbolDiamondDiamond dimensional symbolHexagonHexagon dimensional symbolSquareSquare dimensional symbol
CircleCircle dimensional symbolPlusPlus dimensional symbolSlashSlash dimensional symbolStarStar dimensional symbolTriangleTriangle dimensional symbol

Mythos Ability: Ongoing Effect: At the end of each Mythos phase, draw a second Mythos card and ignore everything on it except for its monster movement pattern. Each time an investigator is reduced to 0 Stamina or 0 Sanity, place a Clue token on this card.

Pass: If a single investigator discards $10 while at the Riverside Docks, return this card to the box. Starting with the first player, each player chooses a monster in play and takes it as a monster trophy (ignoring Endless).

Fail: If there are ever 3 Clue tokens on this card, return it to the box. A monster surge occurs, then add a doom token to the doom track for each Hex monster in play.