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Dimensional Symbols are green icons that indicate the home plane of monsters. They are used to perform monster movement and other tasks.

The movement boxes on a Mythos card contain one or more dimensional symbols, as do the movement side of monster markers. When a Mythos card is resolved, every monster with a dimensional symbol listed in the movement box moves in that direction. Additionally, when a gate is closed by an investigator, all monsters in Arkham, the Sky, and the Outskirts that have a dimensional symbol matching the closed gate are removed from the board and returned to the monster cup.

Other cards using the Dimensional Symbols

List of Dimensional Symbols

Dimensional Symbols Other Worlds Monsters
CircleCircle dimensional symbol Lost Carcosa, Yuggoth Byakhee, Crawling One, Mi-Go, Rat-thing, Witch, Ghast, The Skinless One, Warlock, Wizard Whateley, Dhole
CrescentCrescent dimensional symbol N/A Cultist, Maniac, Serpent People, The Black Man, Vampire, Zombie, Servants of Glaaki, Skeleton, Tcho-tcho, Tcho-tcho Priest, Werewolf, Children of Abhoth, Mummy, Riots, Shadowy Figure, Wraith, The Dunwich Horror
DiamondDiamond dimensional symbol Another Time, Plateau Of Leng Elder Thing, Hunting Horror, Tendril of Nyogtha, Proto-Shoggoth, Shoggoth
HexagonHexagon dimensional symbol The Abyss, The Underworld Child of the Goat, Ghoul, Dark Druid, Formless Spawn, Goat Spawn, The Bloated Woman, Dark Young, Flying Polyp
PlusPlus dimensional symbol Lost Carcosa, R'lyeh Deep One Hybrid, Barnabas Marsh, Deep One, High Priest, Priest of Dagon, Shugeron, Star Spawn
SlashSlash dimensional symbol The Dreamlands, Unknown Kadath Beings of Ib, Leng Spider, Nightgaunt, The Dark Pharoah, Gug, Moon-beast
SquareSquare dimensional symbol Another Dimension, Another Time Dimensional Shambler, Colour Out of Space, Gnoph-Keh, Haunter of the Dark, Hound of Tindalos, Lloigor, Servitor of Outer Gods, Spectral Hunter
StarStar dimensional symbol Great Hall Of Celano, The Underworld Fire Vampire, Star Vampire, The Beast
TriangleTriangle dimensional symbol The City Of The Great Race, Unknown Kadath Shan, Chthonian, Yithian, God of the Bloody Tongue