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Overview of Game Setup

Setting up the base game involves the following steps:

  1. Prepare Playing Area
  2. Place Initial Clues
  3. Choose First player
  4. Choose Investigators; either:
    • Randomly deal out Investigator sheets (Standard play), or
    • Choose investigators, beginning with first player (Official alternative), or
    • Deal out two or more investigators for each player to choose from (Unofficial alternative)
  5. Reveal Ancient One; either:
    • Randomly deal one Ancient One sheet (Standard play), or
    • Players may collectively select an Ancient One (Official alternative)
  6. Lay out Investigator-related and Mythos-related Decks
  7. Investigators receive Fixed Possessions
  8. Shuffle Investigator Decks
  9. Investigators receive Random Possessions
  10. Finish Investigator Setup
  11. Create Monster cup
  12. Shuffle Mythos-related Decks
  13. Place Investigator Markers
  14. Draw and Resolve First Mythos card as in Mythos Phase
Note: The resolution of the initial Mythos card begins the game itself. This proceeds exactly as in the normal Mythos Phase of gameplay with two exceptions:

1) If the first Mythos card drawn is a Rumor, discard it and draw again until you have drawn a Mythos card other than a Rumor. 2) If the first Mythos card does not open a gate (such as a double-doom or Next Act Begins card), discard it and draw again until you have drawn a Mythos card depicts a gate.

These rules avoids imbalancing the game from the beginning. All other instructions or features of the card are resolved in order as in the normal Mythos Phase, particularly opening a Gate and placing the first Doom token on the Doom track

This overview incorporates the Game Setup portion of the official Rule Changes